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Fish Collagen Protein Morning Shake (Strawberry Flavor)

Fish Collagen Protein Morning Shake (Strawberry Flavor)

HNB® is a leading International Manufacturer of Collagen products, providing natural fish collagen with high-class quality, saftest and collagen and significant effective. Owning 1000 Square Meters of Class 100,000 GMP workshop, 600 Square Meters of Class 300,000 GMP workshop and 500 Square Meters of Nutrition and Food Safety Inspection Laboratory Base.

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  • Main Ingredients: Strawberry FD Powder, Fish Collagen
    Theme: Morning Shake
    Rating: Premium Grade
    Smell: Strawberry Flavor, Strawberry Taste, Taste Exquisite
    Calories: 400 Kcal/100g
    Certificate: HACCP, HALAL, ISO22000
    Nutrition Content: 31% Protein
    Self Life: 24 Monthes
    Usage: Recommendation 20g/times
    Package: 10kg/carton, sachet package, can package, or as request.
    Sample Time: 3 working days
    Bulk Lead Time: 25 days
    Origin: Hangzhou, China
    HS code: 3504009000
  • Morning shake is delicious, nutritious.
    Natural fish collagen: 100% nature raw material, no contamination, no artificial additives, extracted from deep sea cod.
    100% pure strawberry FD powder, no preservative, flavoring or coloring is added.

    1. With natural strawberry FD powder, ensure the freshness and nutrition.
    2. Good taste, Long-lasting concentrated aroma, good taste.
    3. Better digestion and easy absorption.
    4. High fibre, low calorie, satiety.
    5. Supplement collagen powder, anti-aging, anti-fatigue.
    6. Prolonged satiety and regulates the appetite.
    7. Convenient to take in anytime and anywhere.
  • 1. Take as a healthy breakfast.
    2. Take as nutrients food.
    3. Take as beauty skin food.
    4. Take as special dietary food.
    5. Stay in shape.
    6. Supply collagen protein supplement to daily life.
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