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Litchi Flavor Fish Collagen Solid Drink

Litchi Flavor Fish Collagen Solid Drink

HNB® collagen protein come from deep sea cod-a highly stable, fully traceable,single source. HNB® aims to creat a healther life for everyone. collagen powder in the production process to use a scientific manufacturing process and strict quality control system.

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  • Ingredient: Litchi, Fish Collagen
    Theme: Solid Drink
    Rating: Premium Grade
    Color: Yellowish White Granule
    Smell: No Smell, Litchi Taste, Good Taste
    Calories: 380 Kcal/100g
    Certificate: HACCP, HALAL, ISO22000
    Nutrition Content: 60% Protein
    Self Life: 24 Monthes
    Usage: Recommendation 5g/day
    Package: 10kg/carton, sachet package, can package, or as request.
    Sample Time: 3 working days
    Bulk Lead Time: 25 days
    Origin: Hangzhou, China
    HS code: 350400900
  • Fresh fish collagen: 100% nature raw material, no contamination, no artificial additives, extracted from deep sea cod.

    1. With natural litchi FD powder, ensure the freshness and nutrition.
    2. Great litchi taste.
    3. Easy to take every single day.
    4. Promote the metabolism of bones.
    5. Adjust the blood sugar, blood-lipid, blood viscosity.
    6. Strengthen the immunity, improve the sub-health.
    7. Improving sleep.
  • 1. Keep skin from damage of UVA & UVB.
    2. Take as fruit drink.
    3. Take as healthy foods.
    4. Take as nutrition foods.
    5. Supply collagen protein supplement to daily life.
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