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Nutrition Biotechnology Company will march right up to the market of FSMP (Food for Special Medical Purposes)


May 23-25th , The 21th China Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition and the 26th Food Additives Production and Application Technology Exhibition (FIC 2016) was held at Shanghai National Convention Center.
In this exhibition, nutrition biotechnology company as one of important exhibitor, not only displayed main fish collagen products to exhibitors and visitors, but showed the new development products for special medical purposes.
Now the main project of company consists of three part. First is collagen peptide extracted from marine fish by deepen progressing aquatic products. It main including marine fish collagen peptide, marine fish collagen granule, collagen tablets, collagen capsules, collagen cosmetic products and collagen sachets. Second is solid drink series, including whey protein drinks, drinks for children taller, dietary fiber, mixed vitamins, milk calcium, FD mixed vegetable solid drinks. The last part is the new products for developing now: Food for special medical purposes.
Our company had started the development of special medical products at 2007, although government had not enacted a corresponding standard at that time, but we had never stopped to develop it. We cooperated with many top hospitals inland and focus on research of clinical data.
The State Food Drug Administration issued a corresponding registration standard, on March of this year, taking advantages of this opportunity, we displayed the series of special medical products. We can see at this area has a bright further and the demand of market will be have a lot of growth.
This products of company has been sold to Peking Union Medical College Hospital ,  First Affiliated Hospital of Sun yat-sen university, Shanghai jiaotong university affiliated hospital and many other famous hospitals. At same time, cooperate with this hospitals devote to the clinical nutrition treatment, promote china clinical nutrition therapy development.