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Relieve Dysmenorrhea Bovine Collagen Drink

Relieve Dysmenorrhea Bovine Collagen Drink

HNB® collagen is 100% pure collagen, extracted from deep sea cod and bovine, with strict quality control. The average molecular weight 1500-3000Da. Smaller peptides, more efficient absorption.

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  • Theme: Bovine Collagen Drink
    Main Ingredient: Bovine Collagen Powder; Red jujube extract powder; Turmeric extract powder
    Rating: Food Grade
    Nutrition Content: 50% Protein
    Taste: Original taste, Good Taste
    Calories: 374 Kcal/100g
    Certificate:  ISO22000, QS, Halal, HACCP, CIQ
    Package: 10kg/carton, sachet package, can package, or as request.
    Self Life: 24 months
    Usage:Recommendation 7g/day
    Sample Time: 3 working days
    Bulk Lead Time: 25days
    Origin: Hangzhou, China
    HS code: 3504009000
  • Studies have shown that women in the same age group, the loss of collagen in the skin faster than men, can be said that women's physiological characteristics determine the women than men consume more collagen. Therefore, women in order to delay aging, the primary is to supplement collagen.
    Bovine collagen powder: supplement collagen, Anti-aging.
    Red jujube, turmeric extract: Offers relief from premenstrual syndrome and severe menstrual cramps. ginger (and turmeric) reduces pain and swelling in people with arthritis.
  • 1.Functional food ingredients
    2.Nutrition Supplement Drink
    3.Specific functional formula products.
    4.For Relieve Dysmenorrhea Product.
    5.Nutrition support ingredient
    6.Women's health care products.
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